Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations:


1- Manual PIREPS are not accepted. Pilots shall use the Jazeera kACARS to submit their PIREPS.

2- All pilots must fly at least 3 flights per month.

3- All flights must be done on-line on the IVAO network.

4- Pilots are expected to be already familiar with and follow the airplane's Operating Procedures including those relating to : Brakes, 
Lighting, Speed Limits, Flap Settings and Fuel Management.

5- Any action by the pilot that would result in endangering the aircraft and/or passengers will result in a rejected PIREP and considered as a 'Crash'.

6- Landing Rate Evaluations:

# -1 to -120 = Kiss Landing
# -121 to -220: Nice Landing
# -221 to -320: Normal
# -321 to -420: Rough
# -421 to -550: Dangerous
# -555+: Rejected (Crash)

7- Submitting more than 3 PIREPS with 'Dangerous' Landing Rate in the last 5 PIREPS (%40) will result in the rejection of the last PIREP.

8- Pilots submitting more than 3 PIREPS that are evaluated as crashes in the last 10 PIREPS (%30) will be subject for review and possible suspension or termination.

9- Pilots should utilize the PIREP comments field to provide any necessary information to justify any occurrences to assist the validator and avoid inquiries/delays in validation.


10 - Check regularly that you are connected to IVAN, in order to avoid repeating a leg because it was done offline.


11- We will accept to you only disconnect for a maximum of 20 minutesmore than this time we will reject your flight.


12- Refrain from booking a flight if you are not sure of flying it within 24 hours.


13- Jazeera Virtual Management can terminate any member who violates the Rules & Regulations of the VA or of IVAO.


14- Must use a booking flight number for your Trip in IVAP Box on IVAO network.


15- You must put the right information during registration in our page, otherwise we will cancel your registration.


Best Regadrs,



Jazeera Virtual Team